Interdisciplinary rounds

Not every hospital I’ve been to does this but the concept of interdisciplinary rounds is pretty neat. I recently got to be a part of these and I had a chance to learn quite a bit.

Basically, there’s a large meeting at 9am that consists of doctors, medical students, pharmacists, nurses from different floors, respiratory therapy, social work, physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. 

We go through the list of patients on the census and discuss ways to get patients ready for discharge (if applicable). The nice thing here is that different staff members are often aware of technicalities and extra resources that can help with coordination of better care for the patient. 

I love that these meetings really get stuff done and there’s hardly ever any place for an ego. Everyone has something valuable they bring to the table and this daily meeting helps everyone to establish a rapport with hospital staff and improves communication overall.

The only time I didn’t like these meetings was when the hospital CFO started showing up to the meetings and pushed for people to get discharged without fully understanding why they were being kept. It was kind of jarring everytime such statements were made because he had never once worked with the patients he was trying to get rid of. 

I do understand that hospitals need to manage their finances tightly so as to support the staff and the community as a whole but I’m not sure this was the most appropriate way to do this.
What do you guys think?

(P.S. Picture was taken on a lovely drive through Washington DC-I was the passenger lol)

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