I have not been really good about posting regularly even though I’ve been on vacation (#lazy) but I really do want to try to change that in the coming weeks. At least with the few posts I’ve written, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on my experiences and even if no one else reads my posts, it’s still a valuable experience for me (and if you are reading, then thank you 😘)!

Without further ado, my resolutions:

1. Develop a healthier lifestyle: I went to the gym sporadically this year and ended up cancelling it all together a few months ago. I didn’t enjoy going at all and I need to find something I actually like. If I could join a badminton league for regular exercise I would do it in a heartbeat because my stamina is somehow better when I play a sport I like. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. My compromise has been to buy some weights and and a kettlebell to do exercises while watching Netflix. It works great for me (especially when I start travelling again for rotations) and it doesn’t involve paying for a membership I rarely use. I’m also hoping to get into yoga this year and I have a SPA yoga class scheduled for the first day of the new year at Pure Om Bethesda. I’ve been to yoga classes before and have mostly found them intimidating because my muscles are non-existent but hopefully I can stick with this endeavor longer this time.

2. Learn how to knit: I know how to crochet but knitting has been a different beast all-together. I can’t even tell you how many tutorials I’ve watched in YouTube! There’s always one part of casting on where I get lost and then things get out of hand 😩

3. Learning to let go of frustrations more easily: I feel like this is a big one! If someone does something that leads you to have a bad day, it’s really important to stop analyzing why they did that frustrating thing and instead focus on making yourself feel better. I currently suck at doing this which is why it’s a resolution 🙄

4. Reading more (a lot more):  I guess this pertains to Medicine and also just books in general. I need to be better about reading about Medicine on a daily basis. I also feel like my knowledge of history (one of my favorite subjects) has diminished over the past few years as a result of my focus on Medicine. I really hate that. I want to be a more well-rounded individual and I want to start reading about topics I used to love like the Renaissance or World War II! I’ve been traveling a lot for interviews and rotations this year so I’ve been trying to supplement my knowledge gap with podcasts but nothing beats a good book for me and I need to get on that.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading!


(The picture in this post is from the Bamboo Garden on the Asia Trail at the Smithsonian Zoological Park)


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